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Welcome to Award Winning D.F. OMER Gardening Accessories Company

Established in 2005, D. F. Omer Ltd. has quickly established itself as one of the largest suppliers of home and garden products around the globe.  With over 100 combined years of product development, production and international export expertise, the skilled leadership team at D. F. Omer Ltd. has the experience to meet the ever changing needs and challenges in the retail marketplace.
D. F. Omer Ltd. was recently awarded the Miracle-Gro license by Scotts for their lawn and garden division, winning out over 10 other major suppliers.  Chosen for their commitment to quality, expansive category depth, and innovative product development, D. F. Omer Ltd. is proud to offer the Miracle-Gro brand name on many of their most popular items in North America.
The foundation to their success is the core principle that quality, design creativity, manufacturing proficiency and overall product excellence all starts at the beginning.  The emphasis on these core building blocks allows D. F. Omer Ltd. to consistently produce goods that are of the highest value in the marketplace.
Their commitment to quality has enabled D. F. Omer Ltd. to be a certified ISO9001 manufacturer.   They also routinely successfully pass all major international retailer factory audits and individual product testing standards.   This overall emphasis on quality is backed up by an extensive in-house Quality Assurance department committed to every day quality excellence.  The company is committed to the preservation of the planet and uses recycled product at all opportunities to reduce their own company carbon footprint.
D. F. Omer Ltd. prides itself on being flexible and responsive so in keeping with that commitment recently established D. F. Omer USA, Inc. with a fulfillment center in North Carolina to meet the needs of their ever expanding North America customer base.   Quick bulk order turnarounds and same day e-commerce shipments are the warehouse standards.
Whether your retail needs are reliability, on-time complete shipments, new product innovation, product quality, a marquee brand name, or simply overall value, D. F. Omer Ltd. has made the choice an easy one by “checking all the boxes” for your search.   A new D. F. Omer Ltd. customer quickly becomes a loyal, long term partner.



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